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Welcome to NextGenPolitics 2010

What is NextGenPolitics?

NextGenPolitics is a web platform that enables news organizations to create a truly flat political playing field in their area.

NextGenPolitics 2010 California General Election Websites

San Francisco

Los Angeles


How Does NextGenPolitics Work?

Participating news organizations choose the election contests in their area they wish to cover with NextGenPolitics. In addition to local candidates and ballot propositions, sister stations often share content for important regional or statewide races.

Candidates as well as initiative proponents and opponents are given the opportunity to record a free, five-minute video statement at local TV stations offering NextGenPolitics (or submit their own video statement), We also collect their text responses to important written questions and online campaign contact information.

These assets are combined into a NextGenPolitics site developed for each station customized with their own anchor intro video and links to valuable local election resources.

Hyper-Local Election Coverage

NextGenPolitics allows stations to offer unprecedented levels of local election coverage. Designed for covering hundreds of local races, see how ABC-TV Network-Owned Station KGO TV used NextGenPolitics to cover every city council and county board contest in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area - 2008 KGO - TV NextGenPolitics General Election Website

A Winning Proposition for All Participants

Voters get to evaluate candidates from all political parties and many down-ticket races in an easy to use, engaging format

Candidates can reach a large audience of voters with a meaningful message at no cost

News Organizations offer a valuable public service to their viewers and the communities they serve

For more information about NextGenPolitics, please contact Richard Hertz at